Bund der Freien Waldorfschulen

Under the threat of Nazism the German Waldorf schools confederated in 1933 and later again in 1946 as the Bund der Freien Waldorfschulen (Association of Waldorf Schools) with its head office in Stuttgart. It is a federation which does not influence the autonomy of the member schools but which is responsible for common tasks and interests.


At the moment (May 2014) there are 232 Waldorf and Rudolf-Steiner-Schools as well as 11 teachers’ training colleges for Waldorf education in Germany.

Apart from this there are about 1600 personal memberships.

Aims and tasks of the “Bund”:

  • To support free and self-governed schools – and to encourage the free flow of ideas and a free intellectual life;
  • To encourage and develop the pedagogy of Rudolf Steiner (Waldorf education) in Germany and abroad;
  • To cooperate with institutions in the field of Waldorf education in Germany and abroad;
  • To support and consulate with individual schools;
  • To coordination political activities as far as education is concerned;
  • To organise public conferences on Waldorf education;
  • To plan, run and coordinate teachers’ conferences, symposia, further education, colloquia etc.;
  • To finance of teachers’ training;
  • To provide Public relations services;
  • To Publish the monthly journal “Erziehungskunst”