The Waldorf Foundation

The Bund der Freien Waldorfschulen created a foundation in order to financially promote Waldorf Education and the Waldorf School Movement. The Foundation wants to help in the financing of initiatives in teacher training as well as funding fixed assets in Waldorf schools. In both fields an increasing demand for financing has arisen over the past few years which the schools and teacher training centres can hardly cover from their own resources. As independent institutions, they receive considerably less public funds than state schools and universities.

The Waldorf Foundation is a non-profit organisation and had in June 2001 an opening capital amounting to 50.000 D-Mark. In the meantime this stock has risen to 5.000.000 Euros.

The advantage for the donors is that donations up to 20.450 Euros per annum are tax-deductible.

Appeals to support the Foundation are mainly made to both individual and corporate friends of Waldorf Education. Their financial contribution will exclusively be used for initiatives within the Waldorf Movement.